Your customers are talking about you online

The rise of review sites such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Google Local have drastically changed the marketing game for businesses but especially for the hospitality and tourism industries. Today most people don’t plan a vacation or book a hotel room without checking other people’s opinions.

In a world where picture and video sharing spread like wildfire, there is a strong likelihood that people are talking about your hotel, resort or destination online. These can be referrals leading to bookings or negative comments.

modern communicationAre you listening?

  • Do you know what they are saying about you?
  • Are you strengthening your referral marketing?
  • How long does it take before you address negative feed back?
  • Is your online brand working for you or against you?
  • Are your followers engaging  with you?

There is no way around it. Today social media marketing is a vital tool and must be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. However, like everything else on the Internet, it is constantly changing and evolving. We make it our business to be on top of the latest trends so you get effective up-to-date strategies and solutions that work.

Your Social Media and your website are your window to the world


iStock_000014768267XSmallHere is how we can help:

  •  Analyze your website for keyword optimization.
  •  Identify your target markets and visitors behavior on your website.
  •  Identify the right social media channels for your establishment.
  •  Create a customized business page on Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, Pinterest etc.
  •  Enhance Linkedin profiles for the management team and increase your business presence on Linkedin.
  •  Shift visitors to potential clients and shift potential clients to clients with email marketing.
  •  Win customers through your existing clients with referral marketing.
  •  Drive traffic to your website through social media campaigns.
  •  Gain fans and followers, increase engagement and create a community around your brand.
  •  Listen to what your existing clients are saying about you.

 We create customized solutions to fit your needs, vision and goals.
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